Young Henrys IPA


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    • Purchase in 50L kegs.
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    IPA from Young Henrys, 6% ABV - highly sessionable, has a slight hazy golden hue, balanced bitterness and a refreshingly dry finish


    Keg Information

    Type: DIN

    Brand: Thielmann-Portinox

    Capacity: 50L

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Thickness: 2mm(chimbs) 1.5mm(body)

    Height: 600mm

    Diameter: 381mm

    Weight: 12.3kg



    'At Young Henrys we try to keep things local. In our beer that means using lots of Australian malts and hops. In our Cloudy Cider it means using apples grown in orchards as close to our our brewery as possible. The juice we use is pressed from a 50/50 blend of the Royal Gala and Pink Lady varieties. It gets fermented, we add some light carbonation and that’s it.' 


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